Our excellent reputation is built on our clients' experiences. The testimonials below offer just a smattering of what they have to say about our staff and services.  We're always glad to offer references too.   Please contact us at 310.478.9200 or info@SilkRoadRealtyInc.com.  Thank you.


My husband and I feel we were very fortunate to have worked with Silkroad Realty and David Silkman, because without them, we would not now be sitting in our new dream home! David, the owner, is a very sharp guy, yet he is a genuine person, and above all else, truly ethical. We felt we could really trust him and so we relied heavily on his advice and it really paid off. We wanted to purchase a home and David proved to be a one-stop shop for all our needs. Initially, we didn’t even think we could qualify for a loan because, although we had the income to qualify, we were newly self-employed and the banks never like that. David (a CPA with an MS in taxation) allayed our fears and explained how we should best approach the application. Then he referred us to a mortgage broker who specialized in applications such as ours.

Cleared for pre-approval, it was now time to shop! One of Silkroad’s very pleasant real estate agents, Aidin, took us around to see many, many properties and he did his very best to get answers to all our bazillion questions, even obtaining permit and local area usage information, sometimes having to drive a fair distance to do so. We never felt pressured by anyone to buy, even when it seemed we were running out of options in our first choice area. We felt like Silkroad Realty wanted us to be happy, no matter how long it took. When we did find the house we wanted to purchase, David walked us through all the numerous documents and helped us make good choices when it came to the offer and contingencies. David tirelessly and in a timely fashion responded to all of the loan officer’s numerous inquiries and was there on inspection day, pointing out details and asking the inspector questions we didn't think of. He handled our negotiations with grace and steel, and in the end we acquired a beautiful home with an excellent deal. I also loved it that they are a paperless office so most docs were handled online! Thanks for everything, Silkroad Realty! We couldn’t be happier


Lisa Foster and Blake Maddox
La Crescenta, CA



I had the pleasure of working with David Silkman in the sale of a commercial building I needed to sell. I listed the property with David Silkman, SilkRoad Realty, which was an apartment building in Glendale, CA.

David was very efficient, expedient, and had profound knowledge in his sphere of work. His Service was impeccable, and his patience was extraordinary in facilitating what needed to be done. His willingness to go the extra mile to make sure his client is not just satisfied, but happy! He is great to work with and rest assured, everything will get done not only in a timely manner, but you have a peace o mind which is priceless!  

Needless to say we closed the deal...QUICKLY... and looking forward to the next one!! Great Job... Thanks David.


Nancy Shalbey
Glendale, CA



David Silkman recently negotiated and guided me through the process of my first commercial lease.  His professionalism, experience and confidence helped me to move seamlessly into the next phase of growing my business.  He helped me to be sure this was the right property for my purposes, and to work out a deal that saved me money on my terms.  David is always responsive, patient and effective regardless of the size of the transaction.  I feel very fortunate to have him in my corner in any future real estate endeavors.  I recommend him enthusiastically and without reservation.


Caitlin Tonda, MFT
Los Angeles, CA 



Dear David and Sam,

     Chris and I just want to express our absolute gratitude to SilkRoad Realty for their efforts in helping us purchase our first home.  At all times throughout the process you both were professional, timely, patient, and most of all diligent in making sure that the deal was going to be the best for us and our future.  We never could have gotten through it without you! 
     This being our first home, we were incredibly naive to the process, but you walked us through every step, answered every call and explained every strange clause or line in the thousands of papers we had to look at.  You surprised us constantly with your creativity and ability to come up with solutions to every problem that arose.  And even when the other side wasn't always receptive, you were courteous and respectful and worked towards a solution.

     The fact that you were able to get us over a $40,000 reduction in price, through various means, was sheer genius and we will never be able to thank you enough.  You will definitely be seeing more of us in the future- future sales, future purchases- you inherited two lifelong clients who will always be grateful.  
Megan & Chris Perez
Los Angeles, CA 


Short sale made easy by the Silkman team.  I had a wonderful experience working with you.  I would highly recommend your services to anyone.  With the array of services you provide, legal, RE broker, and taxation, I was able to have certainty that my short sale would be done in a manner that would allow me to not have to worry about anything through the entire process.  That is exactly what happened, representing me in my short-sale as my broker made it seamless for me.  The entire process was done with little to no effort from my part, and you made me feel that I was in good hands the entire way.  Your tax advice was what got me in the door, but we quickly and successfully completed my short with your expertise as a broker and representing me through the short sale process.  Look forward to working with you again, and I sure hope that others can enjoy what I have while working with you.  Special thanks to David and Diana for all your hard work! 


Sammamish, WA


Dear David,                                                                                                                               

As the year 2012 begins, I can’t help to look back at the past year’s accomplishments and events.  More importantly, every year I look back to remember the wonderful people that I’ve come across which significantly influenced my life.  Without question, the most significant event last year was the purchase of my new house, which I couldn’t have done without your help.  It has been a great pleasure to get to know you and having you as a partner in search of my dream home.


Prior to our working arrangement, I did try three other real estate professionals.  Every time, things led to disappointments and frustrations quickly, either due to implied pressures to make decision or just childish games that many in this line of business seem to play.  With you things were totally different.  Please let me elaborate, so that you better understand why I’m so appreciative of everything you’ve done, and why your influence has been so immense and memorable:

·     During our over a year long search, not once I felt pressured by you in doing something that I didn’t feel comfortable doing. Even when we opened escrow and later didn’t work-out, your support and encouragement was very soothing.  After all, taking time in April near tax season when your business is booming, to go through inspections and time consuming paperwork and walk away fruitless would’ve made anyone disappointed and angry.  Yet, with smile and kindness you reflected hope and encouraged me not to look back anymore but to look forward. Thank you for your comradery, patience and care which I’ll always remember and appreciate.

·     I needed someone that I could trust.  If I can’t trust an established CPA with my finances, then who can I trust?  I heard nightmares regarding identity theft and leaked financial documents with miserable consequences as I’m sure you’re aware of.  Thank you for making me comfortable and for earning my trust.

·     As a professional with limited time, I do relate to time pressures, deadlines and commitments.  Throughout our search, not once I called you and didn’t get a call back in the same day, if you were busy.  Your conscious effort to keep our line of communication open and sincere, despite your busy schedule was admired and appreciated.  Thanks for making yourself available despite your busy schedule at all times.

·     Last but not least, thank you for your friendship.  Buying a home in California is a major commitment.  It’s a task that requires intelligent, ethical, and well informed professionals on your side working with you.  Thank you for being there when I needed you and thank you for your numerous professional advices, wisdom and your valuable business negotiations that made all the difference.

As the New Year starts, I’m looking forward to joy, love and happiness in my new home with family and friends.   Just want you to know that I couldn’t have done this without you last year. 

Thank you again, and best wishes to you and your family for the upcoming New Year.

--Mehran Gangianpour, MSEE, MBA 
La Canada, CA 

David did an extraordinary job for us as our realtor. We were first time buyers and while other realtors suggested we reign in our expectations or increase our price point way above our means, David instead educated and counseled us about the possible options that met our needs and fit our budget.  

Then, once we started looking at properties he found places that we both loved and could afford. When we found our dream house, David wrote the perfect offer and the sellers quickly accepted.   Due to the many extenuating circumstances that exist in today’s complicated housing market the escrow turned out to be very long and complicated. We were very happy to have David on our side.   It was David’s expertise and cool disposition that kept the transaction going even after everyone else was ready to throw in the towel.  He managed to close a deal that other realtors, banks and brokers thought was un-closable; all the while, protecting our interests and getting us an amazing deal.

But beyond David’s strategy, knowledge, responsiveness and negotiating skills- all of which are amazing- his greatest resource is his personal demeanor.  During our escrow, my wife was 8 months pregnant with our second child and David’s concern for her and his ability to keep us completely informed but protect her emotionally spoke volumes about his true goal: it wasn’t to buy a house but to get our family our home.

It is with no exaggeration that we can say, we have our dream home because of David and we recommend him without reservation.

Caitlin & Juan Carlos
Los Angeles, CA